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Not for kids! Lots of upsells

Got this for our 2 & 4 year olds but this game is full of pop ups and upsells with tiny x to get out of the upsel, I would gladly pay for the app and not have all the intrusive ads but I did not see that option hence the review.

My favorite app!

Absolutely love this game! The difficulty, the vehicles, the levels, everything about this game feels like what a hill climb racing game should be based on! It takes some getting used too at first, but with help of some lucky “highway wealth” rewards you can customize your car and receive enough bonuses to dominate in multiplayer for BIG rewards! Only thing it’s missing is some more vehicles! Please add some new vehicles! Even the vehicles from the first version like the apc, smart car, semi truck, trophy truck, etc, would give this game an amazing punch to keep myself and other players hooked on playing even more!

Frozen out of game

I have been playing the game for a while and have slowly moved through each level to reach level 21. Then suddenly, the game won’t load at start up. You start the app and the start up screen appears and then the bar at the bottom starts loading, but stops about a quarter of the way and just stays there. I’ve tried u installing and reinstalling the game to no avail. I had an older iPad, so.... I went out and bought a new iPad Pro. Guess what? The game still won’t load. Tried to go to app support, but is says the site is forbidden. Either tell me what I’m doing wrong or fix your bug, please.

It ok.... but

Was fun till it became at the mercy of the game. Wasted countless gems trying to beat a level and finally had to just quit. Used to be a fun game but when you constantly get killed trying to complete a level it takes the fun out of it. Early levels are fun but takes a rediculous amount of time to upgrade the vehicle. I liked the old mmx better. It was still challenging but not as difficult as this one. Almost seems like if you use your gems the game is programmed to kill your car quicker.

La netw

Chin gon ver gon, la neta

Serious glitches and balance issues

There was a glitch in the game that causes me to play the highway of wealth multiple times. Every time I played it I got the bomb... Which concludes it is not random but predetermined. I was reaching against someone in league and the opponent literal finished level 36 in about 15 seconds. Either a cheat or a glitches, either way not very fair. Lost my winning streak for 1st place. Game freezes all the time in the main menu.


When are you guys going to release new levels again???

Yep !!!

Rock n roll !!!



Fuel button stops working

Mid drive. No reason. Just stops working

The game won’t load for me

I have been playing this game for a while now but for some reason, all of a sudden it decided to stop loading! I love this game but I won’t increase the rating until there is a solution for this. EDIT: Thx devs it worked and the game is good


I have grinded so hard on this game and I was disappointed about how little levels there are. I do gotta say some levels took me days to finish but that’s the fun. I have no complaints about this game just want more levels please!!!

Great job

Great game keep up with the best work💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯


I just spent $10 on diamonds for the tournament and it really screwed me over with having the gas pedals stick in JUST the right time. More money equals less functionality. I want my money back now. I’m actually pretty livid about it. only in tournament mode. So frustrating....This is where most of the advertisements are too. I’m not even sure that we play against real ghosts.


I spent coins and gems for 4 upgrades and still get stuck in the same location.....and why in the hell do I always blow up.....depressing game.

Really liked

Really liked the game I have beat and re beat it have the fastest time in darn near every map was really bummed when I got to 47 and well that was it

Bugs need to be fixed

has some bugs with the falling bridges but other than that the game is pretty good. Needs some work though

Not bad, but...

Pros: The graphics are great. The vehicles are fun. The track challenges are mostly fun. Cons: Certain levels are nearly impossible to get through, while others I get through in the first try. It takes forever to build enough coins to upgrade your vehicles, and for some levels, the only way you can finish it and advance, is with an upgraded vehicle. There are 47 levels. I’ve cleared them all. Now what? Suggestions: Rather than collecting coins for each individual vehicle, allow the coins to go into a “bank” that can be used to upgrade any vehicle. Make the challenges a little more uniform. Tougher for some tracks, easier for others.


I beat level 35, currently in 1st place, level 36 is still locked! SMH!


The game is great and fun but the fact that you need a better car to even have a little Bit of control needs to be fixed but all and all I think you should get the game

للسعوديه حفر الباطن



It’s too freaking hard


This game impossible you can not complete a level after plAying this you will wannna die

Hutch games have the best support hands down

The people behind their games really cares about the people who play any of their games And have the best support I’m not just saying that I have both MMX games and I have lost my stuff more then one time but all I have to do is send a message and I get help getting everything back THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH + this game is really fun. You start out bouncing around but after you upgrade your car its fine & the bounce goes away

Hill Dash 2

Great game lots of fun


Great game! Challenging and addictive!

Couldn’t get no stars

Too many advertisements! REVISION 1. The hundreds I have spent haven’t disabled them.


Needs to level faster with the brakes

I love this game

This is one of my go to games and I play it everytime I’m bored. That being said I blew through all of the campaign levels in a couple of days and would love to see some new levels and cars added. Also prestige points are ridiculously hard to come by and they should be available in the store. It would be cool if something like crates were added that you can be rewarded with for beating every five levels or so. This would make it easier to upgrade cars and prestige them which is nearly impossible unless you blow through gems to get really far into the highway to wealth. It would also be cool if I could challenge my friends to live race me via Bluetooth or WiFi! Overall great game and can’t wait to see some new features.

Stupid gas pedal

You need to fix the gas pedal issue!

It’s too goddamn hard

i think that this should be easier the balance bearly works and lvl 12 cant be beat so please fix ur “good” game

Great game but awful glitches

I’m on level 27 and I get so close to the end of the long marathon and it will “glitch” and freeze then close out forcing me to start at the beginning of the level instead of my most recent check point even though I had money to go back to the check point. Did this on level 26 as well

AD SPAM! Serious control issues

The game has excellent graphics. You would expect control to be poor at low levels to keep the challenge. When you’re vehicle has 3 of 5 traits maxed, you would also expect much better handling. There’s no difference between a low end and fully upgraded. One run and it behaves not to badly, next run any acceleration does a wheelie so hard it wants to flip. The fun of the game gets sucked out from the instability. Glad it was free. Then there are the ADS! Seriously spamtastic!

Poor UI

Rating this a 1-Star due to the fact that the accelerator pedal will randomly stop recognizing your touch and this makes the game nearly unplayable. Plus, the physical are absolutely horrible. Can’t drive the monster truck up a hill without it flipping over backwards.

Ads ads ads ads ads and more ads.. don’t download

Nothing but ads ads ads. You win a round, you have to see a long video commercial for another app to continue. You have no choice. You start the game? Another add before you can play. You loose a round? Here is an ad you cant turn off. Ads ads ads throughout the game. Hope apple blocks this developer from its store.


Fun for a bit but over all frustrating. Marathon course are probably the worst thing I have ever raced. A few to many ads for my liking as well.


Too much fun. Very challenging and test your ability to master this game. Love it!

Hutch is trash

I don’t think I’ve ever played a more awful game. In no way shape or form was this game ever meant to be good. 0/10.


Stopped at 47 levels. Like how tf have they not worked on or added more levels. Joke.

It’s slow and glitchy

Not sure why the accelerator magically stops when I’m not taking my finger off of it. And it’s slow. Not a fan.

Don’t spend a dollar

Just another game trying to make money and waiting 24 hours for a side game is stupid


To say the least. I have been playing for an hour straight and am gonna be hating work tomorrow

More aggravating than fun

Does anyone remember when games were fun?! Not anymore because now they give you a free game that costs you to play or aggravate the tar out of you until you delete it. The graphics are great the blowing up antis are funny and it is the only time I laugh when playing the game but the controls of the car are virtually useless. I played the same level over and over until my eyes started to roll back into my head and I finally got to where the maxed out car was not that much better than the first couple levels. The monster truck is the most unstable and aggravating vehicle to drive because it is always flipping over which is very difficult to control until it blows up. Of course they keep saying to play and upgrade so it would become more stable but it is not ever any more stable than it was on the first level. This cause huge waste of time and a repetitive game play on the same level that is virtually unbeatable. It says that you can unlock another level by beating that level by so many seconds but none of the times listed by other players have even beaten it so I have to assume no one has. I’d rather buy this game for $20 then play it as often as I want rather than play a game designed to piss me off so much that I spend money just to get ahead until the next engineered obstacle cannot be beaten unless I pay again. Not going to happen! There are games that are very fun and pleasing to play that I don’t have to spend money on.

I hate this game

You made it impossible just beat one guy that survived falling backwards and the cannon 6 is impossible to freaking beat


Really fun game but the marathons are dumb

Challenging, fun

Challenging enough to keep you interested. Not a $ pit.

Glitchy now

I love the game but after the last tracks and vehicles the game is glitchy. Even the highway to wealth is glitching and I have lost a lot of the stuff I won when this happens.


Why does it explode while I’m on my wheels. The problem is so bad I have to go back to the OG hill climb racing

Good game

Good game

Terrible game

Bad format too many bugs way too many ads. The developers just look like they made a cash grab sorry game.

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