MMX Hill Dash 2 App Reviews

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Terrible controls

Looks like I’m not the only one who wants to crush their phone in their bare hand when you play this. I don’t understand why the cars randomly flip and blow up. It’s hard to play, uncontrollably bouncy and frustrating. I basically wanna throw my phone every time I try to play. If you could make it not flip every time you touch the brakes/gas , I’d appreciate that.

Winning gets you nothing

The only racing game I’ve played where winning the race gets you nothing. The only way to advance is by collecting the tokens along the way. And advancement is so sloooooooow you have to play the same race at the same level over and over and over and over until you’re bored to tears. Well, unless you pay real money for tokens which, of course, is what the developers are hoping.

Was fun...

It takes way to long to progress in the game. Which makes it not fun anymore when your stuck on a map and can’t progress or unlock other vehicles. So it’s deleted for me.

Time killer

It has great graphics


Terrible too hard and not enough options don’t waste your time on this crap game

It passes the time

Same as the last game


For the love of Jesus i cannot figure out how to turn the sound down

Last Level Glitch!

I’m on the last stage (41) and every time I play it the app glitches and shuts down. Only problem I’ve had with this game/app. Several times I’ve nearly reached the end and the app freezes and then shuts down! Terribly frustrating because I’ve now spent thousands of diamonds to keep playing from last check point only to have the app shut down and not save my all of my diamonds are still used...don’t get those back either.

Throttle doesn’t work

What a waste of time The throttle is very inconsistent, there’s nothing but frustration

Read dis

Love the game!!! But needs more levels PLEASE OHHHH PLEASE! 😍

What happened??

The developers managed to ruin this game with their latest rendition!! Stick with the original at least that one was fun!!

Too hard!

Not fun

Great Game But Short

I played this for a while and once I got to level 41 and there weren’t anymore levels I just lost interest. Please add more levels and cars.


Awesome game!!!!


Game is good but not really a game that I love the good part is that I was playing this game for about an hour and their was not one add that popped up. So I don't really like this game terrible.

Good game overall but

The levels are very difficult and you need to grind for hours to get enough upgrades or you need to pay money.


It is the most finest game

Too many adds

Games good but the bombardment of adds and links got to be too much after one day.

Waste of time

Awful game. If you don’t bail right away get ready to play the same level a million times without improvement, basically you just have to keep playing until you get lucky because the cars bounce weird, the accelerator doesn’t always stay pressed, and there’s no difficulty setting so you can only progress in the game by achieving ridiculously hard lap times. I even put a couple bucks into the game and with improved cars it was no better. Save your time and money and go elsewhere.

Needs work... could be much better

I had another bill climbing game that I tend to play more although the graphics aren’t nearly as good. Like others mentioned, the physics are absurd. Also upgrading is quite annoying without paying for things with real money. Repeating the same level over and over and over with the same results is also a bummer. Why does it take an eternity to upgrade a vehicle? This is just like all other pay to play games. I am not looking for an easy way out but some more rewards to help us “never going to pay for a passing the time type game” people. Every time I come back to play this game, I’m just annoyed after my first course. I do the course twice and close it out. Definitely can be a much better game.

Good game

I love the game but it could be better. I’d love to see a bigger selection of vehicles and a better and more in depth multiplayer experience. But a good game none the less. PLZ UPDATE MMX 1 it’s been a year since the last update and it’s better than all the others. Add multiplayer to the original MMX and bring it back to life. It’s to good of a game to be left behind

Overall solid game, slight bugs

I love this game, it gets me frustrated when I can’t pass my higher levels and just progressing is fun. I hope they add more content to make the game a little more deep nonetheless I still like this game a lot. My only other issue is the ads tend to make my game laggy after I watch. I would recommend this game.

Love the challenge!

So much fun!


Absolute worst game I have ever played hands down extremely money driven

Money Hungry

Got to play to level 11 with the monster truck and the micro. Neither of which can beat the level. Next step was to spend $9.99 on 35,000 gems. Like the game. It was fun while it lasted. Need to be more reasonable on advancement requirements and how expensive things are. Deleted the game. Let me know when you get more reasonable.

Fun But...

It is a very fun game, but it is very strange how many time my vehicle flips and crashes in events compared to simply picking a track. There is also a glitch concerning the lower left hand corner of the screen(iPhone 8). Ofter when I try to brake the game pauses. Talk about screw up a race!

Too hard

I bought the upgrades to try and make it easier but still near impossible. Needs setting for people who I guess just aren’t good because a game can be too hard to be enjoyable.


Car responses to jumps and hills are obsured. You barely touch the gas and the car flips, let off the gas and you’ll roll all the way down the hill and fall off a cliff. You can do the same thing every time and get a different outcome every time. Without ever lifting your finger off the gas pedal, the gas pedal will just completely stop registering and youll lose all momentum and fail. You should also get points or credits or something for doing flips in the game. *UPDATE—-game worked fine, then suddenly won’t load anymore. Game no longer works.

Great game...1 issue

Will obtaining prestige points be revamped? I have vehicles ready to upgrade but those are insane to get. Please consider changing the way they are gained. Thank you.

The game hits a wall

I like the game but the eventual grind you have to do to progress makes this game so hard to continue I just ended up deleting it after a few weeks. The makers of this app should really take a look at the level of progression and fix it.

Fine until it stopped loading

I play this on my 6+. It was a great game until one day it decided to give up. Now every time I load the game, the loading screen stops loading at like 30% or something. I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling and then restoring my game; works the first time but then goes back to same situation before.

Win a race and get less points than opponent

How is that possible? The scoring system is ridiculous and makes no sense. I've won a race and gotten 49 points yet my opponent gets 148... huh????? The cars are so quick to blow up as well. You catch air and just happen to scrape the antenna ball on something above you and it's game over. PvP races are a joke as you have to spend gems to use the same vehicle when they give you the same track over and over. Forget what it says above since it never happens

Better than the original

For some reason I can’t edit my previous review - maybe because the dev responded to it? I don’t know, but it makes me cranky, because it was a pretty long review, and a lot of it remains relevant. Anyway, level design is better than the original, and is a fair bit less fiddly. There’s still a glitch here and there, but they’ve really cleaned up a lot of the bugs that used to infuriate. I don’t really understand the competitive races - presumably someone else is racing against my own performance sometimes, but there’s no awareness of it. Neither is it clear that there’s any advantage to doing well in the competition besides personal satisfaction. Regardless, it’s quite a worthwhile game, probably the best of class.

So Much Fun

Just found this game last week and have been playing non-stop. It’s a ton of fun and more creative then I imagined it might be.


Love this game

Completely rigged

ONCE, just ONCE I wish a game developer would let “duel” or “head to head” matches with other “users” be a straight up competition. I have a maxed out amphibian, my opponent has 62%. But when we race he somehow accelerates remarkably and noticeably faster than I do. What??? And magically when racing for points my buggy will literally come to a complete stop and sometimes actually reverse when hitting an downslope. Give me a break. And don’t say that you don’t influence game play. You purposefully select the fastest run ever completed in the history of the game for me to compete against. What a rip off of a game. Just let people play straight up and stop rigging it!!! Just lost a paying customer, congratulations!!

Micro is not good

This game is fun but the only thing that’s bad about it which makes the game so stupid and frustrating is the micro. There is absolutely no point at all for it. People who play things want it to be as realistic as possible and the micro just ruins the whole thing, it’s the stupidest thing you could have put on the game and it doesn’t even make sense. Why would you have something attached to your roof to where you can’t even nick something on it. instead of the micro just do like damage or something, make it to we’re you can’t take a lot of damage on your roof.

Bug or cheaters

When playing in Vs mode I notice some opponents freeze or crash then magically jump the entire map in a second and finish in impossible times. No way can a player go from 300m to the finish of level 39 in less than two seconds. Fix the bug where I face these impossible to beat gaming gods or ban any hackers.

Why the removal

When you updated the game it took away all the gems I had which was about 4000. Also the stupid game constantly gives me bombs on the stupid highway 2 wealth thing and I can’t get any items!


Your not better than ecscapetilist but still good

Fun until it requires money to advance

Really fun game, but you get to a point where you’re limited unless you pay to play, no thanks.

Glitch cost me 43,000+ gems!!!

I earned a ton of gems in the highway2wealth sub game. When I got back to the main screen they were all gone after 1 small vehicle upgrade! Please restore! This is a great game but this glitch ruined it for me at least for tonight.

Horrible game

The more you power up the car the tougher the same level gets. Makes no sense. Do not spend money on this. Crap graphics. Very poirly made



GT and SX upgrades are mind numbing

I’m a huge fan of this game, and the previous. Play it every day. Very few complaints. But I do have one big one. Once I manage to get lucky enough to procure enough prestige points to upgrade a vehicle, the fact that I must go through the ENTIRE upgrade process again is a shame, and a waste of my time. I have already experienced (and have!) this vehicle leveled up to 10. So now I must go from 1-10 to experience 10-12 and beyond, really? And again for SX?! What do you think I am, a robot with nothing else to do? All I have is an unplayable car before it exceeds the max of the previous level because I would simply use the maxed out previous vehicle if I needed to compete with it. I understand that there are no freebies and one must work to upgrade, I totally get that. So my suggestion would be to give credit for upgrade coins good for ALL vehicles in that series when driving a maxed car. So for example when I upgrade the buggy to GT and the GT comes at stock zero levels, fine, but when I drive the original maxed out buggy, instead of when collecting coins for that car “nothing” happens, add those coins to the balance of the GT vehicle. What would be the harm in that? That way I get to continue enjoying the full power of the vehicles I ALREADY OWN while working to upgrade the GT/SX versions without actually having to mindlessly grind out track 1 over and over and over again simply to collect coins for a vehicle that won’t be competitive until it’s maxed. For an otherwise brilliant game, this is a good way to turn off all but your most patient loyal fans.

I love this game!

It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for another game like this. I loved the first mmx hill dash. This one is no different. This game is so simple yet ridiculously challenging, which almost seems lost in any racing game. I don’t understand the bad reviews. I’m all in

Level 6 ??

Been stuck on level 6 for months. Crap game

It’s ok...but a great phone warmer!

It’s a great phone warmer and battery drain! Phone gets hot after playing a few mins. The physics do get annoying and it’s hard to be consistent with the contols and the brake actually being reverse. Buggy, there are holes in the track where my vehicle has gotten stuck in it and even at the end of a ramp where my truck hits an invisible wall. Very irritating. It’s obvious this is a recycled Hot Wheels game same gripes on that game as well so a bummer to see it transferred right over.


This game is great 👍

Difficulty level makes it give me two star otherwise it deserves 3.5

Some of the leveles are so difficult to comlete in time either to earn a new car or new level. Otherwise game play is good. But one star is because its made too difficult at certain levels

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